Akshay Nair

a full-stack developer

Runtime for TS types

Built a runtime and library for typescript's types that turns the type system into a general purpose, purely functional programming language!

Algebraic Effects

An implementation of algebraic effects in javascript as a library for managing side-effects in a pure and composable way

Elxr (list expressions)

An implementation of a regex-like syntax that generalizes regex operations for any sequential data structure

Typed RegEx

A typescript library for automatic type inference on regular expressions using named capture groups


A free and open source service for developers to register a .is-a.dev subdomain for their personal websites

Diary PWA

A progressive web app in go-lang that lets you carry a personalized secure diary in your pocket. Integrated pattern-lock-js library to allow for privacy

Pattern Lock

A js library for creating customizable pattern lock for the web and PWAs


An esbuild plugin for building elm projects

cmp-graphql for neovim

A neovim completions (nvim-cmp) plugin for schema-based completions for graphql syntax (works inside gql tagged template literals)

OWYN Launcher

A minimalist, text-only launcher written in flutter which I use every day


A dynamic layout management script for bspwm


Hotkey daemon for X11 window managers


A js library for creating pipeline operator ready functions by converting instance methods's to context-free functions


A js library for defining functional Enum type / Sum type for javascript with simple pattern matching