Akshay Nair

a professional nerd

TypeScript's type-system as a runtime

Interrogation of the guy who allegedly turned typescripts type-system into it's own purely functional programming language
5 min read

Designing effects as data structures

Dipping our feet into the world of effect handlers to design composition of our effects as a data-structure with free monads
14 min read

JS Magic Tricks to impress your friends

JavaScript is a magical language in all the wrong ways. Here's some magic tricks with the js language you can use to impress your friends
6 min read

Grandma's recipes for cooking redux

Grandma teaches some interesting recipies to try in redux rooted in her very strong opinions on functional programming
8 min read

Functional JS - Sum Types In JavaScript

Implementing sum-types/discriminated unions in javascript with some basic pattern matching
7 min read